About Virtuseis

Virtuseis is a team of data science and software developers dedicated to geophysical data innovations and solutions. For our exclusive E&P customer base, we fill the gap between IT and G&G.

Virtuseis is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and offers a cloud-based software solution that enables digital transformation and fuels innovation in online data management.


Seisinfo has been a leading seismic data management software in the industry for over 20 years. With a simple and intuitive interface and a commitment to a straightforward and honest pricing model, our software is built for everyone.

Seisinfo is a product of Virtuseis, a company committed to helping our E&P customers bring their seismic data ‘back to life’ by adopting new ways of doing things. Because we also own a seismic library, we know how important it is to connect to your data and continually innovate to find new ways to extract value from it. Seisinfo is integral to unlocking value from seismic data.

Leadership Team

Aaron Chronik

Jonathan Banyard
Vice President, Sales

Hal Burton
Senior Developer

Elias Carciente
Senior Data Scientist


Virtuseis is proud to be an official AWS Advanced Technology Partner for seismic data storage and management services.

Contact us to discuss how we can leverage our partnership with AWS to help you fill the gaps between IT and G&G to ensure your subsurface data and workflows are at the forefront of your organization’s digital transformation initiative.