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For companies that are contemplating moving their data to AWS, seismic has many unique qualities that separate it from other forms of data. It is these unique qualities, which are not evident at the outset, that require crucial protocols that must be put in place prior to undertaking any digital transformation.

Our process is to work backwards from your needs, challenges and aspirations for your seismic data. We approach this with a full understanding of the status quo, integrate with Digital Transformation Strategies and deploy the steps required for a successful transformation on to AWS Cloud from incumbent storage providers. We provide compelling business cases that deliver an early ROI and to ultimately be self-funding for ongoing digital transformation.

  • Migration Factory Services for Seismic Data

We provision the full AWS Snow family for migration services, including Snowcones & Snowball Edges.

We deploy access appropriate solutions for your active and inactive seismic data assets to mitigate storage expenses:

AWS S3 for active data, providing immediate access
AWS Glacier Deep Archive for datasets accessed infrequently

  • AWS Intelligent Tiering and file access using Seisinfo

Watch how Seisinfo™ provides access to your data wherever it is stored, on prem, third party storage or AWS:

Our Cloud-native version of Seisinfo is available on:

  • AppStream
  • RDS
  • AWS WorkSpaces

Faster, better AND cheaper

Conventional wisdom suggests that you can pick any two. Now you can have all three.
Access your data in a more robust way at a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.

Download our Virtuseis Guide To Migrating and Storing Seismic Data On The Cloud. Discover why you should always consider working with a migration partner prior to undertaking a migration of your data:

Read our case study on how we helped a mid-size independent E&P company move their data to AWS, from an onerous hostage-style storage contract:

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