Value Max Program

Our passion and purpose is helping E&P companies bring their seismic data back to life. This means helping you use the cloud not just for data storage, but for all aspects of the G&G process.

For companies that have already taken the first important steps of digital transformation involving their subsurface data and G&G workflows, we have created the Virtuseis Value Max Program.

Bringing Your Seismic Data Back To Life

In this advanced program, we help you fully monetize and scale your transformed subsurface data and workflows. We help you understand what new cloud-native technology solutions are available, their relative advantages and applicability for your needs, and make it easy for you to securely access and trial them prior to making the decision for full-scale adoption and integration.

Advanced deep learning techniques and high-performance computing are moving fast in the subsurface arena. Applications available for trial today tend to fall into one of three categories:


Object Identification Automation

Use of deep learning artificial intelligence to streamline the process for the identification of key geological features in the data such as horizons, channels, faults, and salt domes as well as detection of facies and clear zones.


Data Processing

Use of high-performance computing/elastic compute power available on the cloud to dramatically decrease the time and fixed costs required to accurately process high density seismic data.


Data Enhancement

Use of advanced deep learning techniques for super resolution of 2D and 3D seismic data sets, enabling restoration of obsolete low frequency data, enhancement of noisy high frequency data, and in-painting areas of incomplete data.

Verified by Virtuseis

All Value Max Ecosystem Partner solutions we introduce and make available to our Value Max Program members have been Verified by Virtuseis. This means we have vetted the technology vendor and solution to ensure it meets the highest standards of data security and adherence to the rights and entitlements that apply to your seismic data sets. We ensure full compatibility with your database structure and seismic data objects and formats. And finally, we work hard to ensure the required level of technical support is available to ensure initial trial usage is a seamless, efficient test experience.

Virtuseis Value Max Ecosystem Partners

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If you are an E&P company, let us know what areas of your company’s Digital Transformation we can help connect your subsurface data to through your participation in the Virtuseis Value Max Program.

If you are a technology company with a digital innovation applicable to subsurface data, please connect about becoming a Virtuseis Value Max Ecosystem Partner.