Managed Services

Virtually every G&G department at every E&P company we talk to is challenged with resource constraints – personnel, budget, and time. In response to this trend, we formalized our offering of integrated geoscience, data management, and cloud services leveraging our geotechnical and data science expertise to help our clients fill in the gaps.

Whether your seismic data is on-premises, on the cloud, or a hybrid combination, Virtuseis is available to ‘do it for you’ as a one-time service or as part of a monthly service program package.


Seismic Data Management Services

  • Data File Format Conversions
  • Coordinate Conversions
  • Mass Data Migrations / Ingestions / Exports
  • Data Cleanup
  • Seismic Data Object Indexing and Relationship Mapping
  • Post Migration Seismic Data Object Relationship indexing
  • Identification of orphan data items with no Seismic Data Entity (SDE) reference
  • Indexing with SDE Identifier and Item Identifier for future transcription


Cloud Data Services

  • Cloud deployment SDE linking
  • Data Download Management and troubleshooting when required
  • User access configuration
  • Cloud roles & access configuration with Multi Factor Authentication
  • Intelligent Storage Tier Management


Seisinfo As A Service

If you are working with restricted or diminished resources, we can provide you with on-demand access to Seisinfo and your seismic database.

We host your database and are available to provide you with periodic access on an as-needed basis. This allows you to reap all the benefits of the full Seisinfo application just for the periods of time when you need it.

Request Information

Let us know which specific services you are interested in and we will get back to with more information and pricing options.