Data Migration Program

If you are considering a cloud strategy for some or all of your seismic data, the Virtuseis Data Migration Program can provide you with a seamless assessment for scope, process, execution & access to your cloud provider. From physical data, digital online, on-premise, or third party archives – Virtuseis is your seismic data cloud solution.

Seismic data has unique qualities that set it apart from other data. In any migration of seismic data to the cloud it is essential that the right protocols are put in place and executed beforehand to ensure the fidelity of the data catalog once on the cloud.

Guide to moving seismic data to the cloud (PDF)

Download: Guide to moving seismic data to the cloud (PDF)

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3 Step Program

Virtuseis provides full-service data management solutions regardless of the current state of your data.

Data & Workflow Discovery

The Virtuseis Discovery process is the critical first step in building your custom seismic cloud strategy. Understand your data, build a liberation and migration strategy and move forward with confidence.

Data Liberation & Migration

Move your data from archive companies and obsolete media formats and ingest metadata from all sources onto the cloud. Continuously manage and access data globally and on all media types throughout the migration period.

Workflow Mapping & Optmization

With your seismic data on the cloud and at your fingertips, optimize your workflows to drive efficiency and accelerate your business.

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Even if you don’t exactly know what you want to achieve, we can help you decide what is best for you. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, we are your resource for everything about seismic in the cloud.

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