The Virtuseis Process

We work with E&P companies working to transform the way they do things. We created The Virtuseis Process™. This advanced five-stage process helps you virtualize and optimize your seismic assets. It also helps you escape from The Dead Data Trap™.

We realize that our advanced process is not for everyone. It is for E&P companies who are strategically seeking ways to transform and optimize their operations and are actively working on the future of their business processes. If this sounds like your company, you might be a good candidate for our advanced program.

The 5 Stages of The Virtuseis ProcessTM

We understand the value of geophysical data and the advantage of having an effective data management solution, which requires more than just the implementation of software. Our advanced process involves collaborating with you during a consultation and discovery phase. Establishing an approach for implementing the right solution begins once we understand your business workflows and your particular challenges.


Future Vision Session

We help you capture your Future Vision for your seismic assets and related team workflows and tools. Specifically, we complete a self-assessment scorecard, review and prioritize the value elements critical to your Future Vision, and complete a written summary of your Future Vision for your seismic assets and team.


Virtuseis Assessment

We complete a thorough audit process of your seismic data, team workflows, and systems. Specifically, we focus in on the needs and pain point areas identified in Stage 1. At the completion of this stage, you will know where everything is, what state they are in, what is working, and what is not working.


Virtuseis Future Blueprint

We collaboratively create a strategic plan that defines recommended action steps to take to transform data, workflows, people, processes, systems, and technology from current assessed state to a new state that will help achieve the desired future capabilities and outcomes. You will be ready to implement the changes to make your Future Vision start to become reality.


Future Blueprint Implementation

We embark on a phased approach that typically starts with Proof of Concept stage(s) where deemed necessary to facilitate internal change management process requirements. We install the required new resources, services, and technology solutions. You are now ready to launch and benefit from your new Future Vision workflows and processes.


Virtuseis Progress Sessions

We engage in monthly or quarterly check-in sessions to identify change management support required, typically in the form of team training and workflow refinement. We take on new scope initiatives including clean-up project requirements. Finally, we introduce the Virtuseis Value Max Program where we help you fully monetize and scale the improvements you made.

Free 30 Minute Scorecard Session

Sign up for our simple and fun 10 question scorecard session we take you through in 30 minutes or less to assess where your organization is at. You will receive your total score and summary dashboard and we will assess your fit for the Virtuseis ProcessTM.

Once you’ve filled out this form, our team will reach out right away to arrange your free session.