Seisinfo FAQ

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.


How do I get my data into SeisInfo?

When you sign up for SeisInfo, send us your data and we take care of the rest. All of your files, including your SEGP1 data, SEGY data, Excel spreadsheets, database files and more, will be integrated seamlessly.

What happens if I get more data? Who loads the new files?

No matter how you acquire new data – whether through proprietary or corporate acquisitions, or from third-party storage vendors – the Seisinfo team can load it for you. In the event that you want your team to load that data, we’re happy to provide the guidance you need to get it done.

What if I require additional custom functionality built into the software?

We can provide custom features for a fee. Our development team will consult with you and collaborate to find the best solution for your business.

What if I sell or divest some of my data?

Cut and export your data at any time, including partial 3Ds, creating new files and accurate exports so your data stays up to date.

With the optional Sales & Trades module, Seisinfo facilitates the complete sales cycle of licensing your data to third parties, from order preparation, data volume cutting through to delivery and invoicing.

Will Seisinfo work in different regions?

Seisinfo supports a robust range of geographical locations, using the EPSG 9.5 listing of approximately 1,000 datums and 7,100 projections from around the globe. Our development team can also assist in creating custom datums and projections.

Are there additional costs over and above the license?

No, Seisinfo comes with no additional or escalating costs.

How does the 14-day trial work?

We will work with you to install Seisinfo for a 14-day trial. During this time, you can try Seisinfo at its full functionality, so you can see how well you can organize, access, and manage your data.

How much does Seisinfo cost?

Seisinfo is available with or without a few optional modules. Contact us to request a quote.

How will Seisinfo help me organize, access & manage my data?

Powerful data load, import, update and export capabilities that support bulk data sets.

Scan online seismic data repositories to attach digital assets to the associated seismic records. Attached digital assets are available for direct view or retrieval.

There are a large number of identifiers and attributes that can be used to both uniquely identify seismic records, and to search for seismic records with common attributes.

An additional set of fields are provided that can be defined for your own special identification or attribute needs. These fields are available for imports, updates, searches and exports.

Search and selection of records is available geographically from a map or using a form that allows very detailed criteria, including geographical.

One of Seisinfo’s many strengths is in its powerful ability to accurately define the precise geographical locations of your seismic.

It can detect duplicate lines in your database & can also determine unique lines that traverse the same path.

Is there a cost if I want to stop using Seisinfo?

If you elect not to keep your license current, you are free to manage your data however you see fit. The underlying database is yours.