Virtuseis Knowledge Series – Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Seismic Data

Video March 30, 2021

Join Hal Burton, Software Developer of Seisinfo and myself, Jonathan Banyard, VP Sales for Virtuseis, for a discussion regarding mergers, acquisitions, divestitures in the latest episode of our Virtuseis Knowledge Series (11:46​ mins) We show how the seismic data within a such transactions must be carefully catalogued, analyzed and curated to avoid duplications of data. This is important, as licensed data can attract relicensing or transfer fees, that can, and do run into the millions of $$$. Equally important is to ensure the best protocols are undertaken and kept in place around licensed data, post transaction, to demonstrate full compliance for both the licensor and the licensee of the seismic data.

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