Guide to migrating and storing seismic data in the cloud

Guide August 4, 2020

If you are considering a strategy to move your data to a cloud-based solution, then this guide is for you. Moving from traditional to cloud storage is a complex process, and you want to ensure it is executed seamlessly. Following these processes ensures that your data is not only intact but integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows. 

Although moving seismic data to the cloud requires careful planning, the cost savings associated with moving your seismic data to the cloud are astonishing. Our customers routinely see more than 90% cost savings on their data storage. One recent customer’s data storage costs went from $240,000 per year using traditional storage  to $10,000 per year in cloud storage. Not only that but reports that used to take months to run now take weeks or days.

Guide to moving seismic data to the cloud (PDF)

Download: Guide to moving seismic data to the cloud (PDF)

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