Mid-size Independent Oil and Gas Producer completes 4.2 million item migration of seismic data to AWS

Article March 11, 2020

Published March 11, 2020 at 5:13am on BOEreport.com

CALGARY, AB – Virtuseis, a leader in geophysical technology, announced today that it has recently completed a successful, full migration of a mid-size independent oil and gas producer’s seismic data to AWS Cloud Storage, using their Virtuseis process and methodology.

Seismic data has unique qualities that set it apart from other data.  In any migration of seismic to the cloud, it is essential that certain protocols be put in place and executed beforehand to ensure the fidelity of the data catalog once on the cloud.

Virtuseis is a service that provides customers with a full analysis of the current status of their seismic data library. In this case the dataset was comprised of over 25,000 2D lines and 3D surveys totaling over 4.2 million objects.  With this analysis, Virtuseis provided an in-depth strategy for the seamless transfer and ingestion of the customer’s data with full end to end verification of all items prior to ingestion to AWS.

Upon completion of the migration to AWS, full replication of the data was undertaken to a separate AWS region for full and secure disaster recovery protection.  The customer is fully connected and has direct access to their data on cloud through SeisInfo, Virtuseis’ Data Management and Cataloguing application.

“The Virtuseis process results in much higher levels of efficiency, significantly reduced times to access and use the data, along with unparalleled security using multi-factor authentication. This migration allowed our customer to reduce their existing storage expenses from over $240,000 per annum to less than $10,000 per annum, driving millions in future savings,” said Allan Châtenay.

The benefits for customers using Virtuseis include:

  • A robust analysis of the status quo of the exiting seismic library
  • An analysis of the current contractual commitments and options assessment
  • Precise end-to-end verification of the items migrated
  • Implementation of full security protocols and assigned usage roles
  • Improved access to legacy data
  • Comprehensive process for the ingestion of new data going forward
  • Significantly lower data storage costs

“Faster, better, cheaper. Conventional wisdom was that you could pick any two. Now you can actually realize all three” said Jonathan Banyard, Business Development at Virtuseis.

For more information about Virtuseis, visit our website at virtuseis.com.


About Virtuseis and Seisinfo

Virtuseis is an advisory and implementation service that provides customers with full end-to-end strategies for the migration of the seismic data to the cloud. SeisInfo is a well established Data Management Cataloguing application that is cloud-enabled, providing users with secure access to their seismic libraries stored on cloud or on-premises.

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